16 February, 2019

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

The question arises: why do we do anything at all? I feel we all do whatever we do because we feel in the doing of it we will not only fulfil some deeper purpose of life, but we will also feel good about what we are doing and we will feel happier because of it!

That being said, isn’t that what we all really want... to feel happy?

I paint because the process of painting makes me feel happy and satisfied. I paint flowers because I have always loved flowers. I love their joyful energy, their delicate beauty and everything about them! So I paint what makes me happy and what I love.

What I know and am conscious of at the end of a day or when I have finished a painting, is that I have done my very best and that’s all that matters. It’s kind of like life. The bottom line is, do your best in any given moment; enjoy the process - as much as you can; and keep moving forward on your ladder of growth and evolution... even as you stay present to the moment on hand with gratitude and appreciation.


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