14 January, 2019

Show Up To Life

Show Up To Life

Show up to life ... and do your thing. 
I’m grateful I did ... and continue to do that, giving it my very best!

Often, showing up requires us to get past our fears, doubts and resistance. 
We wonder if we can make it...or if the idea and vision is valid, ideal or even right!

Long ago, I learnt to breathe deeply and to follow what inspired me and felt I loved, even if my mind intimidated me and told me a story that I should be careful in a world full of so much talent, success and achievement! After all, my mind said to me ...” Who are you to even shine your light.. ?!” I learnt to ignore this mind and to follow and trust that strong, persistent inner voice that nudged me forward, to do what I wished to and wanted to and needed to -regardless of ones own expectations of what people will or will not say, regardless of judgements, applause or compliments.

I recognise by now that my own inner voice is the most powerful and valid one, it is the one that truly matters, when shadows cross the mind and negativity raises its head.

I also know, that the struggle and the contrast through which we persevere is the very stuff and process that makes us who we are today.

Sharing a part of who we are, our vision, creativity, thoughts, and ideas, requires courage and belief in oneself. I’m glad I did. 
It’s one more way we fulfil our bigger purpose and on our way, maybe we inspire others to find theirs too.

My journey of flowering, learning, knowing oneself, personal growth, learning to remain happy unconditionally and sharing some insights continues...I have dedicated my life towards all of that and more.

On the eve of another personal milestone, another art exhibition, I have only gratitude and appreciation for my path and journey, and the deepest gratitude and appreciation for my beloved family and friends who have showered me with their unconditional love, support and encouragement.

Life is good and only gets better!

"One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life, and dedicate ourselves to that." 😀❤️🌞
- Joseph Campbell


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