01 February, 2019

Comfort Zones

Comfort Zones

I definitely know a little something about comfort zones! I have moved like a gypsy from one place to another all my life.

Each move took me away from a city (and later country) that was familiar and kind of known, to one that was strange, new and unknown.

Each move relocated me away from friends and places that made me feel at home and comfortable where I had been, to a new unknown.

Each move was about uprooting and rerooting, signing off and rebooting!

Each move required me to clearly face the challenge of finding my way about in a strange, new environment and starting all over!

Looking back I can see that each step out of my old comfort zone showed me that I was at heart not just a traveller on a voyage of self discovery but more a traveller of spirit.

I was more than I thought - stronger than I thought! I was equipped with adaptation skills that pushed me to make new friends; to constantly extend my edge of comfort and discover new horizons; to learn about new places, faces and find ways to make the unfamiliar, familiar quickly!

It was not just about coping and surviving, but more about thriving and feeling comfortable like it was a given or a natural way to be.

Reflecting back on what was ... somehow, always gives better insights in this moment! We are more wise in hindsight!

I understand better now ... what I may not have then - that what helps to better cope with change of scenarios and changed settings is really more about stepping onto new ground with a desire, a curiosity and attitude of wanting to learn something about any new situation with an openness and willingness.

I know now that if I am curious - willing to learn and embrace the new change - I settle down and feel more at home in a new place and experience more quickly.

In conclusion, we are all masters of our unique journey. The key to our success and happiness is within us. It always lies within our own attitude and how we choose to approach and perceive the life given or chosen!


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