27 January, 2021

Guardians of 2021

Guardians of 2021

I finally signed off on my first artwork of 2021! I find painting beautiful flowers in watercolours is a joyful and uplifting pursuit for the artist and believe it has a similar affect on the viewer, given the feeling that both the medium and subject have a natural affinity to one another!

As we start this new year, I find we need all the help we can get from our angels and guardians, as we all deal with the palpable, challenging, transformational change energy around the world!

This blue and white pot with the guardian Shinto Shishi lion dogs is an auspicious symbol to keep out and ward off negativity and to keep our focus on what’s positive as we consciously align ourself with what feels good n this new year!

These guardians are always found at the entrances of Shinto shrines and serve as reminders and sentinels to keep in good will and positive energy.

Watercolour on 300 gsm Arches Paper
Size: 26 x 36 cms

Talking of our guardians, I believe...

"Your angels are ALWAYS with you, every minute of every day. You are never alone. You are always loved and watched-over."

- Doreen Virtue

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Beautiful message pairs perfectly with wonderfully composed and executed painting!

By Leslie Johnston, On Saturday, 27 February 2021