24 April, 2019

Telling the story you want...

Telling the story you want...

I like to tell the story that, eventually, becomes the story I live.

Have you ever experienced that?

Have you noticed, that the more we harp on about any story - of what is unpleasant or, how the world sucks... or how things are no longer as good as they were... or how things were better when we were younger... or how people have changed and don’t seem to care any more. We build momentum on something that neither makes us feel good nor is a recipe for our well being and certainly is not desirable or something we really want. It’s as if the more we go on negatively about something we don’t want the more it shows up in our reality.

So, the question really is how do we become the deliberate creative artists of our life?

My response is, to pause in any moment consciously and to bring awareness to one’s breathing. Then take a few deep breaths and observe oneself. Observe what thoughts you are thinking in your mind at that moment.

Our thoughts are an indicator of what we are feeling in any given moment. We cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time.
So, when we deliberately find something to appreciate and be grateful for in the moment of our awareness, it’s a step towards shifting our energy and to focus on something, anything....that feels better, instead of going on and on about what doesn’t work or sucks!
A change in inner perspective changes the outer perspective.

The art of deliberate thinking is the art of living and feeling the way we want and not being a victim of our circumstances.

When we change our story and tell the one we want, we change our life.

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