30 July, 2019



As an artist, I am aware that there is no saying as to how or as to when inspiration may arrive.

It may pop up as one is driving somewhere... or while one is in the shower, or listening to a song on the radio, or casually looking at a sign on the road, exercising in the gym, walking in the park, or having a conversation with someone. 

When it does arrive - like a flash out of the blue - I’ve learnt to receive it as a gift!  I consciously pay attention to it... listen to it... trust it... and then act upon it. 

I have also observed, that when we follow an inspirational thought that feels good, it leads to another and another.   Very soon, this thread of ideas makes a trail. Things happen without hindrances, doors open - often easily - and what they’re leading to, reveals itself like some kind of a blessing, in perfect order and timing.  

Looking back, we realise and know that what seemed then like a random idea, was actually an opportunity calling.  An idea which, when pursued, often unfolds as one of our life purposes.  It can also be perceived as an awakening of sorts, and a raison d’etre! 


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